Pixy for Raspberry Pi

Not long ago I purchased a Pixy camera for use with the SGVHAK Air Hockey Project. This camera can be a stand alone object detection device. It can identify objects by color, sending back their location and size at 50 fps. This information can be sent to micro controllers and other devices over SPI, I2C and UART. The kit comes with a cable that plugs into the Arduino ICSP port. I wanted to hook the Pixy to my Raspberry Pi since my strategy code for the air hockey player is written in Python. Since this port is essentially a SPI ...

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Toy Car Arduino Remote

One of my primary goals for my RC Toy Car Project was to still be able to control the toy with the remote. Using the existing RF mechanisms was impossible after I ruined the car's board. But it presented an opportunity to try my hand at building my own remote. I decided I would use a ATMega328 running Arduino code jammed into the old remote.

Remote control

My first step was learning about running Arduinos from a breadboard. I studied up on the topic from various websites such as the Building an Arduino on a Breadboard page from arduino.cc and ...

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Toy Car Arduino Conversion

Remote Contol Car


My initial goal with this project was to modify a remote control car to be controlled by an Arduino. After that was accomplished I decided to make the car a sort of test bed for trying out various types of sensors.

Circuit Bending Attempts

In the beginning I wanted to be able to control the car with both the Arduino and the 49 Mhz remote it came with. This model was made to be able to run on top of water so I had to crack open the plastic housing protecting the main circuit board. I discovered that I ...

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Fixing MySQL Performance with Indexing

As you already know, using MySQL indexes can really improve performance dramatically. This is just a record of how dramatic that difference can be.

I had two tables that were used PHP program that someone else developed as seen below:

| Field                           | Type         | Null | Key | Default             | Extra          |
| customers_id                    | int(11)      | NO   | PRI | NULL                | auto_increment |
| customers_gender                | char(1)      | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_firstname             | varchar(32)  | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_lastname              | varchar(32)  | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_dob                   | datetime     | NO   |     | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 |                |
| customers_email_address         | varchar(96)  | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_default_address_id    | int(11)      | NO   |     | 0                   |                |
| customers_telephone             | varchar(32)  | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_fax                   | varchar(32)  | YES  |     | NULL                |                |
| customers_password              | varchar(40)  | NO   |     |                     |                |
| customers_newsletter            | char(1)      | YES  |     | NULL                |                |
| customers_group_id ...
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Python for Scientific Computing

A HTML version of this presentation is also available.

IPython Logo SciPy Logo Matplotlib Logo

Why Python for Scientific Computing?

  • Using these modules you have access to an environment that rivals MATLAB, IDL, etc
  • All software is open source and free to use, no licenses involved
  • Can translate your interactive work into scripts and then into production software
  • Use Python with compiled code to gain speed advantages with advantages of Python's flexibility
  • Python is a general purpose language, not a math tool with a language added to it

Major Modules

  • IPython
  • Numpy and SciPy
  • Matplotlib
  • h5py


  • Interactive shell giving capabilities beyond the default Python ...
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